13 January 2013


I haven't told you about Swing yet?

It was one of my New Year promises to myself - that this year I would get back dancing and that finally I would find a class in Swing.

Last Monday I rang up Swing Maniacs in Barcelona and found they had only three places left in the beginners classes. 
Monday, Thursday or Friday nights. I quickly changed my English classes from Monday to Tuesdays and enrolled.
'See you tonight' she said
Panic stations.  The class began in about three hours time. I had to race out with Bonnie. Stuff down some lunch. Choose suitable dance shoes.  Run for the train.  Find my way to Carrer Esglesia in Gracia and gather my courage to walk into yet another new place alone and feeling just a little bit old.

It was the first day of term. Lots of people enrolling. I paid 88 euros for 11 weeks and found my way through a maze of corridors to a dance studio. There were two other single women waiting and when the class began three men arrived. It became obvious that they had danced swing before so it seemed that we three were the only beginners and the men are taxi dancers. What amazing luck! We all swopped partners and for 55 wonderful minutes we learnt the first basic steps of Swing.
Everyone was laughing and smiling. The music is uplifting. I found it easy to learn and to follow.  A wonderful evening!  This year I have such a strong feeling that if I dream of something - I must take action to do it!  Or at least to try.
And today - Sunday - there was Swing in the Porxada in Granollers. It was raining and when we arrived there was no-one dancing but after 20 minutes this was the scene.

Music and smiling and swing has arrived in Granollers.


oreneta said...

Have to explain! What's a taxi dancer...I mean I think I know...but still....

Threads of Inspiration said...

What great fun you are going to have dancing! It sounds like a great year in store for you. I'm jealous that you can dance outside. It is far too cold here!