19 December 2012

Bon Nadal

Phew!  A marathon of card making and writing and posting is almost over. I send less and less since leaving the UK.  People here don't have this custom and as time passes I receive fewer from 'home'.  I enjoy the process and it always feels like a special day as I remember friends and family while writing messages.  But it is also a moment for thinking about those who have gone - some because they have actually left the planet or others, just slipped out of my orbit.  I'm getting much better at letting go of those people who never reciprocate.  I used to send cards to all my old friends, hoping to keep contact even when they were obviously trying to shake me off.  But I am pleased to find I now am much more philosophical - and I can even send them love as I scratch out their names from the list!  And I have finally stopped trying to write little personal notes inside them all - too much!
Today I sent around 30 cards - there was a time it could be as many as 150! 

 I went to the Correo at 8pm and found it empty!
 Swanned in, got served straight away and was all done in 5 minutes. It cost 33euros to send three parcels and those 30 cards. That seems reasonable to me and I like thinking of how nice it is to get a real envelope popping through the letterbox - sending pleasure!
On the way back through town there was a loud bell tolling and I looked up to see this little chapel.
I'd never noticed it before all squashed in between the houses. Santa Esperança is a tiny chapel moved from the old medeival walls and re-erected here in the shopping centre
As we get closer to this exciting and powerful solstice I wish you all Hope and send my best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a very wonderful New Year.


Pepsi said...

Merry Christmas!
I'm sorry to don't agree with you when you said "People here don't have this custom" of sending christmas cards, some years ago I usually sended lots of them to my friends spread over the world, and I had lots back from them. Also my parents had this custom. But now, I don't. Why? Pearhaps because I am leisier! or pearhaps because I am more ecoligical and I think about all this paper and ink espended on it... But I feel next year will be time to start again!! xxxx

Xavier Macia said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

LadyLuz (Pamela) said...

Same here - many of my "old friends"have taken a different path since I moved here. But there's a handful of old trusties from Cornwall who still keep in touch. And now I've discovered the uses of the webcam, I can attach a little video to my emails. I also notice more people sending ecards than before, balking at the postal prices.

I really related to yesterday's post about people aiming straight for you on the pavement. I always thought it was local people claiming their space like divine right. I'll have to try walking on the other side and see if that makes a difference!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
Greetings from soggy Cornwall! Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2013 to you and Pep! Enjoy your holidays. How on earth did you have time to do so many cards before?! I'll keep a look out for your return to Granollers or should that be Granoollers?! Then I'll call you to make sure our orbits cross again - new year's resolution and your the third person I've promised today!! Why does our bit of Kernow have such a rubbish internet connection?!
Bye for now S ;))