28 November 2012

Politics Shmolitics what about collies?

Today in the park we were trudging round the same old same old when suddenly..... over on the other side...... a border collie!
Bonnie stopped in her tracks, tail went up, nose sniffed the air.
Everything froze in time and space.
The other collie - black and white -  was doing exactly the same.
Border collies know each other - there is no doubt in my mind.
They both started to run and met in the middle of the path.
Bonnie went down into play-with-me position. He bounced at her. She bounced back.
It was magical because I knew that since her bad experience with Duna she has not felt confident to play with other dogs.  She has been avoiding any approaches and feeling nervous if another dog comes close.

But this was not just another dog, it was a collie.
Collies know each other for sure

They played ball for as long as I could stand still without freezing (there is snow on Montseny)

He had a friend with him who was very nice too but Bonnie didn't give her a glance

She only had eyes for Azlan - her first Granollers friend!


oreneta said...

YEAH BONNIE!!!!1 She has a FRIEND!!!!!

thecatalanway said...

She has Chuck too - her first friend here in Catalunya - he's a bit like a brother - so alike they are.

Country Girl said...

How wonderful for Bonnie! A new friend. So heartening to hear this, Kate ~