18 November 2012

Ethel MacDonald - a Scottish Anarchist

And then on the other hand there are the anarchists. So much more interesting than the politicians who are debating right now on Catalan TV.   Here is a film about Ethel MacDonald, a Scottish anarchist who supported the Republican Cause in Catalunya in the Civil War and who was making radio broadcasts from Barcelona calling for international support. Thanks to Nick Lloyd who organises Spanish Civil War tours in Barcelona and who has a really interesting Facebook page with old photos and fascinating information about that period.

There are a couple of books too which sound interesting.
"Homage to Caledonia" by Daniel Gray. A history of Scots who went to fight Franco in Spain.
Published by Luath Press.
 "An Anarchist's Story - the life of Ethel MacDonald" by Chris Dolan. Published by Birlinn.


oreneta said...

sent that on to the man, who I know will be interested! He was watching the entire debate yesterday, though he said it was more like a free for all with ineffectual moderation....


He did say they all spoke well and that Mas is cool under pressure, which is good in the circumstances.

Pepsi said...

I think it was because it was a big Anarchist mouvement (CNT) in Catalunya: Colectivism, lots of people learning Speranto, etc, that the other European nations didn't realy help the legal republican governement during the war. They were affraid of contagious ideas...
Thank for all these Ethel McDonald's who engaged in the Brigades Internacionals and fighted agains the dictator!