24 July 2012

New starts

It's difficult to know where to begin after a break. We travelled for two weeks and now are here in Lamorna, in beautiful sunshine!
The whole journey was about 1500 miles and along the way there was lots of food for thought and sights to gladden the eye. I don't know where to begin so lets dive in to the most important part of the journey.

Duna and her new home
If you have been folllowing the blog for the last 6 months you will know there were problems between Duna and Bonnie. We tried everything we could to help Duna accept a new dog in her life but the fights continued and got worse with each passing month. Duna's life became very restricted - I couldn't walk both dogs at the same time which meant she spent more and more time at home.  She was kept on the patio which was heartbreaking as she felt abandonned. Bringing her into the house meant she had to be tied to a table leg - more anguish. Walks in the woods or the mountains or by the sea were tense as Duna could only be let off leash with constant vigilance and occasionally we missed the moment when her fury arose and had to pull her snarling angry little body off Bonnie. Bonnie was anxious most of the time and started to be tetchy around other dogs.  She  learnt to defend herself, taking her to places in the canine psyche that she had never visited before.
She often 'won' the battles but Duna would never give up, always returning for another tussle.

So, sadly and slowly we realised that living together was no longer possible. Someone or some dog would have to find a new home. Quite often it was touch and go who that would be! But realities were faced - I am the major dog walker in our home and Bonnie is my dog so we decided to look for a new home for Duna. Apart from her hatred of Bonnie she is a wonderful loving, intelligent and beautiful dog.  She clearly would be happier in the countryside with a family who love walking and who give her an outdoor life.

We arrived in the UK not knowing what the solution would be and in the first days found a wonderful new home in Norfolk for Duna. She is living with a couple who have a garden and whose own dog died a few months ago. Andy works outdoors and likes to have his dog with him all day, travelling around farms and gardens. He also is a great walker and regularly does 10 or more miles every day. She is living next door to two close friends of mine so I am hoping we can see her again next time we come back and of course will get news of her often.

Leaving her was very sad. I miss her firm little brown and white body, her silky soft muzzle and her long curly ears.  She was very much loved in Catalunya but the truth is that it is not a good life for a springer spaniel in the centre of a town. It's not a great place for a border collie either but I take Bonnie for her walks several times a day and at 10 she is more ready for a quiet life than 3 year old Duna.

I would never have seen myself as someone who would re-home a dog but this life in Catalunya shows me more and more  how you can't ever say never!  And I feel sure of Duna's happiness in her new life.


Between life's doings said...

Iam so glad you are back writing! My love to you and bonnie and of course to Duma who I'm sure will settle with all the love she is about to receive. Loved reading this post!

Christine said...

Oh my goodness, what a big piece of news! But it feels totally right this way - I'm sure Duna will be happy in Norfolk and it will be good to hear now and again how she's getting on. She is a lovely dog and will bring a lot of pleasure to her new owners, I'm sure.
And peace will now have a chance to return to your home in Granollers. I'm glad this is the decision, although it can't have been easy xxxxx

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I am going to go out on the never say never limb with you. What a wonderful solution, though. And perhaps, one day, years in the future, you can invite Duna back into your Catalan home. In the mean time, you will have regular updates and still be able to visit her when you are "there". I am happy that Pep seems OK with this decision. I have a lived a very bizarre last week on my own vacation/house search. Can't wait to get back and have a proper natter with you. Maybe even a skype call as much of what I have to say is easier said than typed because there is just so darned much of it. In the mean time (I would be available some time on Thursday/Friday) I will be on the road most of the day Wednesday and have much soul searching of my own.

oreneta said...

What a tremendous relief. For everyone, including Duna. Is Bonnie relaxing more now? I hope so.

New Life in Spain said...

It must have been hard coming to this conclusion and also leaving her there in the UK, but it sounds like you found her a great new home! And I hope things will be better back home in Catalunya now.

Country Girl said...

No, Kate. You should never say never. I am so glad that this has all worked out. I know how heartbroken you must be, but something had to be done!

Tiffany Jones said...

Well done. You're very brave!