3 July 2012

Man on a Crane

I wrote a week ago about some building works on our street.
For the past two days there has been an enormous crane on the site. I always find cranes exciting  although I am not clear what they are for. In this situation surely they can't be lifting heaving things into place as there is so little room.  This crane is huge and the arm stretches way across the road and beyond.
Today I looked up to see a man making his way along the arm. He wasn't wearing any harness as far as I could see. This is Health and Safety Spanish style I think.
He inched along to the end
  lay down and fiddled with something mechanical and then inched his way back to safety

Yes, that small shape up there is him!
How was it possible to do this?  I couldn't believe that everyone was just walking by normally while someone did an amazing thing way up in the sky.

He wasn't wearing a helmet either - I suppose that if he had fallen a blow to the head would be the least of his problems.


New Life in Spain said...

I think you said it...Health and Safety Spanish style! My goodness, I would be terrified just looking at it.

Country Girl said...

OMG, that's scary!

Between life's doings said...

lol! "a blow to the head would be the least of his worries"!! true! Health and safety spanish style is same as Indian style it seems :-)

Robert Collister said...

Wow! Its great:) walking on the crane at that height, Oh! Its shocking, and he is not wearing any safety things, I think he is really crazzzy.