5 July 2012

Interruption in normal service

We are preparing to go away. Aiming for Cornwall but taking an interesting and circuitous route. Today we will drive to France, perhaps stopping in the region of the cave art paintings near the river Lot. Then on to see friends near Clermont Ferrand. After a few days of resting and talking and drinking and eating and laughing .....we will continue up to Calais and go through the tunnel once again.
I'll see how the new regulations are working around the need to see a vet before entering the UK.
Then we go up to Norfolk to stay with friends. They have very generously offered to have Duna for a few weeks to give us/me/Bonnie a break from the mala llet!  She is a very loving dog and only has one enemy in life - unfortunately that is Bonnie!  Will be lovely to see Janet and Bev and go for walks in that open fresh countryside where the sky is enormous.

After a few days there we will turn westward and drive down to Cornwall, hopefully passing close by Stonehenge.

And then to work on the cabaña once more. In the rain!  Unless we have managed to take some sunshine with us and got it through customs.

So I hope to write as we travel but it will be patchy, as and when we have wifi and time to reflect.
Did you notice the change in photo at the top of the blog?  It is thanks to Nuria who is helping me with Photoshop.


oreneta said...

I did notice the change in the photo at the top of the blog! LOVELY!!!

Have a great trip, I do hope that you have a wonderful time and that we get some occasional updates!



Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I wish I had a friend to help with the graphic stuff. I'm still finding my feet. I'm wishing great weather for you. It's raining here but I'm enjoying it. Tomorrow I hope to make it to a cafe and sit and watch the rain, and hopefully do some work! Safe travels xoxox