30 July 2012

Forest Fires

Sitting here in rainy Cornwall I am reading about the terrible fires that are affecting Catalunya.  There is nothing so far in the British news but HERE is an article online from the Mail. The photos are shocking and bring home forcefully the horror and tragedy of these large fires which can be started by someone throwing a cigarette end out of their car or sometimes, incredible to believe, deliberately.
It is all in the region of the Catalan/French border. Close to Figueres and uncomfortably close to the lovely place I stayed in with Bonnie and Blue. The road we used to start our journey to the UK is closed as it is unsafe.
Please join me in sending positive thoughts to all those affected - human and animal - and hoping for the high winds to calm down and allow the flames to die out.
There can be fewer things more terrifying than an out of control fire.


Between life's doings said...

Oh Gosh! My deepest prayer to everyone there!

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with lamorna life

Pepsi said...

The fire started near the hight road, AP7, near the border with Catalunya Nord. The investigators found that it was a cigarrette what provocate the 16.500 Ha of burn land. Four people died... lots lost their homes... hundreds of animals burned...
That shows little actions can change ours lives! Be awake!