23 June 2012

The New Cafe

Thanks to Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl  I have discovered a new way to play with my photos. It's an application called Photo Grid and you can spend many happy hours jiggling all your photos around in different combinations.
Here is this mornings walk

I love that we are in the middle of this busy commercial town and yet within five minutes walk there is a field of wheat - now all cut and drying in the sunshine. Swifts were flying low over the stubble. I think there are less swallows there this year but the swifts are around in huge numbers.

We went for a coffee in the new place I have discovered. I passed by many times and as it looks very boring I didn't stop to try it out. But in this hot sunshine the terrace is an oasis of shade and peace. The woman who runs it is very friendly and the croissants are soft and fresh.

It is Sant Joan here and Mazey Day in Penzance.

Happy celebrations everyone!


Country Girl said...

I want a soft, fresh croissant! And I'm glad you're having fun with your photo apps. We have chimney swifts living in one of the old chimneys. (The room is closed off). My husband calls them chimley swifts. They fly so fast and dive low to the ground to get flying bugs. Very cool to watch.

Threads of Inspiration said...

Your walk sounds delightful...I love the beautiful gold of the wheat. The photo play sounds fun too.