6 June 2012

El Cant Dels Ocells

I know I have let things go rather on the language front - if you've been reading here then you'll understand why.
But I made this little video in the hermita of Sant Nicolau near Ordis.
It is a beautiful Catalan traditional song, made very famous by Pau Casals playing it on the cello.
The words are:-

Al veure despuntar
El Major lluminar
En la nit més joiosa
Els ocellets cantant
A festejar-lo van
Amb sa veu melinosa

For me it is a hymn to the birds and I sang it as a thank you to all the birds of Sant Nicolau who gladdened my days and nights there.
And also as a thank you to Pep for all the love laughter and music he has brought into my life.


Christine said...

Beautiful, and with Bonnie. What a lovely dedication, too. Intense experience.

oreneta said...

Kate! You have such a lovely voice!!!!!

New Life in Spain said...

Beautiful!!! The acoustics are amazing, and so is your voice.

Gerry Snape said...

I just thought that I would pop over and repay your compliment...especially as we are even now packing for our annual Spanish holiday and I'm soooo ready for it . We will be up in the hills outside Marbella and wake up tomorrow to sunshine!!! yea!!!

Between life's doings said...

Kate!! you have the most wonderful voice!! so moving. I wonder what it means in english? Would you translate it, if its not too much of a pain? Thanks!! You have a LOVELY voice, kate oxox