26 June 2012

Building works

I've been in Granollers for almost two and a half years now.  During that time it seems there have always been building works going on. First it was the streets, creating the pedestrian zone that now has most of the shops. Millions of new paving bricks were laid. Some of them now make a pleasant jiga-jum sound when I cycle over them. I try to always go over those ones - simple pleasures!
 Then they were working in the square outside the library.
They usually put up a picture so you can imagine the end result. 

Now that is all finished and on Thursdays the square is filled with market stalls including the bit I try to avoid - the chickens and ducks in their small cages.

At the moment there is another hole in the road. I don't know what they are building but at least it shows that in spite of the 'crisis' there is still money to spend on construction. I'll let you know what emerges from this deep pit

1 comment:

Pepsi said...

It will emerge new luxury flats for rich people... They are not in crisis, of course!