9 May 2012

Tango in the Park

Took the train to Arc de Triumf this evening to go dancing. In Ciutadella Park.
Isn't that a lovely way to spell Triumf?

It took me over an hour to sort out the dogs first as they each have different needs - Blue a 10 minute meander down the road. Duna a 20 minute race around the block. Bonnie a 40 minute fast walk to the Park Ponent, keeping her beside the wall where possible to stop her getting panicky when anyone came behind us. (That happens a lot - it is a city!)   I have to really plan any trip to the city these days.

Then half an hour to walk to the train station at Canovelles. You have to walk across the tracks there to arrive on your platform.

Then a happy stroll down to the Park and the Glorietta where free outdoor tango is happening again. Summer is coming!

Gorgeous gorgeousness!  It was lovely to be there and to dance with three of my favourite partners. The breeze caresses your face as the sun goes down and the ancient wooden floor catches your heels as you spin round the bandstand. It was always one of my favourite places to dance tango. I have very happy memories of my first times there as well as some more uncomfortable ones of times when I stood at the edge feeling lonely and awkward.
But generally now I feel at home there and tonight it was lovely and welcoming. The music drifts out across the park and people stop to watch which is very gratifying to the exhibitionist in me.  I know more people, I can speak better Spanish, I am also happy to watch and just be part of the scene.

In exactly one week it will be my birthday and the thought passed through my head to come back and dance that evening.   But who knows what the future will bring?  I decided to live for the present and celebrate tonight as my birthday and to enjoy the dance now.

'Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance.'  
~Author Unknown


oreneta said...

What a LOVELY evening you must have had. I will have to come down and watch some evening while you are there dancing. Lovely description.

LadyLuz said...

I've been following your interesting doings - dog disasters and all - but have been pushed for time. Friend from Helston here - you know how it is: spare bedroom a tip and a panicky blitz on it.

Today it's 30C..pheww.

Glad you like the blooms. A clematis or two in a large pot in a shady spot for the roots and sun for the growing part should be ideal.....any variety except Montana which spreads so fast and goes leggy.

Christine said...

Lovely description of a wonderful evening with a lot of planning (and walking!) beforehand to make it feel like a reward.
I recognise the feeling of standing at the edge feeling awkward and lonely, and not just with dancing, with anything new where you need to find your feet.
Happy early birthday!

New Life in Spain said...

Hi Kate! I've been getting up to date on your blog and enjoying it as always. Particularly this one, I find it so romantic/beautiful to watch the tango dancers in the park. I didn't know you were one of them! I have linked to your blog in my last post. Have a great evening, xx