22 May 2012

Fountains for Dogs

There are always lots of drinking fountains around towns in Catalunya.
For a while earlier this year the water was switched off in Granollers and we were thinking it was a money saving decision but now everything is back to normal.
 I use them mostly for the dogs and in emergencies when I haven't taken enough in my bottle.
Almost all the squares have one and walking along the river side you pass several.
It's one of those things you just don't see in the UK.

We found this one near the railway line in Granollers - it seems to be specially designed for dogs. The water drains away down the open channel which is good for tongues at all levels.
Duna is good at drinking from any design of fountain but this one was especially easy.


oreneta said...

cool! All the fonts around here are older and not so dog friendly!

Country Girl said...

Oh, now that is interesting, Kate. We need these here.