15 May 2012

Catalan - the film

Ok so here we go again!
It was Catalan week and I managed to do the video on Sunday.
Just in time.
And now it is HERE  on YouTube where you can see me on the beach fumbling around in Catalan while Bonnie cavorts behind me - amongst other things!
She is the star of the film and it is worth watching just for the beautiful light by the sea.
 If anything this attempt is worse than the first one but I have to let you see it as I promised I would!
I am not being falsely modest - it really is much worse than I am capable of but I get terribly nervous in front of the camera.
I am writing this on Monday/Tuesday which means I am now back in Castellano. All this changing about is making me feel like this
 Crazier and crazier. So please be patient. Soon I hope this blog - and life - will soon return to normal.
Whatever that means.


oreneta said...

Kate! That was fantastic!!!! Kudos to Bonnie, that was so very very real, love the photo of her pooping. I went by Sant Pol on the train around 3:30 or 4 on Monday...didn't see you needless to say. We should head up there some day, Chuck was great on the train...could do that again.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What fun! Even though I barely understood a word! I especially liked Bonnie's contribution. You are a babe! And yes, the beach and light is beautiful!