6 February 2012

Walks round Granollers

We went for a beautiful walk on Saturday. It wasn't far away - just up the hill past the hospital and then through the industrial estate and suddenly there was the countryside. When you get to the edge of Granollers or somewhere up high, you realise it isn't so huge really.
We took the car so Blue could come too and after parking she walked up the hill in fine fettle (what is fettle I wonder?)
In the distance that's Montseny crested in snow
On the top of the ridge there is a mirador, a sort of folly which was build in the early 20th century. There were wonderful views all around - Montseny on one side and Montserrat on the other.
It was the end of the day and the moon had risen - here visible through the bare branches of this tree.

 A figuera, fig tree - such a stout strong tree which is resistant to both dry and salty conditions.
I love discovering these new walks and this one although too far for Blue, could be reached entirely on foot. We had a phone call while up there asking if we wanted some last minute tickets for a Barça game. Somehow I didn't feel like starting to rush home after this lovely walk so we decided to wait for another time. Also, the cold was beginning to bite and home and the sofa began to seem very tempting.


oreneta said...

That must have been some walk if you turned down Barça tickets!!!!!!!

It does look beautiful, there's no question about that.

Emma said...

Well it doesn`t look like you are having these mad temperatures between -10 to -18! Hoping they will finish soon! Lovely photos too!

thecatalanway said...

the walk was lovely and confirmed how much i like being up high rather than down in valleys. I think the Barça tickets must wait till hands are better and Blue is over the cystitis - it felt too much to organise. And when we saw it on TV there was a horrible bit when a cat was let loose on the pitch - to disrupt play??? If I'd been there I'd have had to go and look for it as I couldn't have gone on enjoying the game knowing there was a terrified cat somewhere in the stadium kxxx