20 February 2012

Getting closer to Lent

I have decided to change my diet for Lent - for the Cuaresma.  This will definitely mean giving up cake!
(except when my guests are here:)  that would be rude!!!)
So today I made a quick chocolate sponge filled with the home-made nutella from last week.
You can see I am really serious about this! I have till Wednesday to eat it - with help I hope.


New Life in Spain said...

Oh I love cake, and especially chocolate cake...mmm! Home-made nutella? This sounds delicious!

LadyLuz (Pamela) said...

I could tear right into that - it looks scrumptious. Happily, I'm hopeless at baking cakes.

But I get an occasional fix by buying cakes made for the charity stalls. I cut up the big ones and wrap in foil to freeze.

thecatalanway said...

Nutella homemade style- thanks to Francesca!

bag of hazelnuts, minus skins
drop of vegetable oil - not olive
icing sugar
plain cocoa powder

whizz up together. Keep tasting and adding as needed.

Eat in any way that excites you!

thecatalanway said...

Cakes! - I am so lucky to have a man here who loves my cakes although they are far from perfect! so I make them and experiment with them and we both eat them rather too quickly.

I would love to make really moist, light perfectly formed sponge cakes but the recent ones have been more home-made than women's institute. I blame the oven.....and the lack of self raising flour. K xx